Jennifer (nymphofairy) wrote in tarotreadings,

I have decided to start with the basics.

My favourite spread for a complete look on a situation is called the Celtic cross it consists of ten positions.

First position
Significator - Reflects the situation inner and outer where the person finds thierselves at the present time.

Second position
Crossing Card - Describes the situation inner and outer, which is causing conflict and obstruction at the present time. It shows the apparent nature of the problem.

Third position
Crowning Card - Describes the atmosphere and situation which hang over the person at the present. Reflects what is apparent and on the surface in the persons life.

Fourth position
Base of the Matter - Digs deeper behind the crowning card, what is at the root of the problem but not apparent to the person however needs to be brought into awareness.

Fifth position
Past Influences - Describes the inner and outer situation which is now passing out of the seeker's life. It had been important in the past. The person needs to be able to let go of whatever this card represents.

Sixth position
Forthcoming Influences - Describes the inner and outer situation which is about to manifest in the seeker's life. This is not long term, just a view at what's in motion.

Seventh position
Where One Finds Oneself - Describes the attitude or inner state of affairs in which the seeker will soon find themselves. Somtimes will represent what needs to be developed and/or what is likely to happen.

Eighth position
Views of Others - describes the image which those around us hold of our situation and ourselves. What kind of responses we may get from those close to us.

Ninth position
Hopes and Fears - These are both described by one card because are hopes are closely related to our fears and all cards in the tarot deck have a double face.

Tenth position
Final Outcome - However the outcome is anything but final. Everytime we end a journey we opening a door to a new one. We start as the fool and end as the world, only to become the fool again.

It's a very nice detailed spread.
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