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Free Tarot Readings' Journal
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Friday, May 26th, 2006
2:47 am
Been feeling kinda down today, for no real reason, so I decided to do a spread.

1. Significator(situation inner and outer) - The tower.
The Tower - Breaking down of existing forms. This card, like the cards of Death and the Devil, depends a great deal upon the attitude of the individual in terms of how difficult or painful it is to deal with. Obviously it is more creative to ask oneself where one is constricted or bound by a false persona or image, because a willing effort to break through this pretense can spare a great deal of anguish. But it seems that the Tower will fall anyway, whether we are willing or unwilling, not because some malicious external fate decrees it, but because something within the individual has reached boiling point and can no longer live within such confines.

2. Crossing card(situation generating conflic) - Five of Wands
Five of Wands - Augurs a time of struggle where the individual must battle with the dragon of material reality to achieve the goal. Mundane matters may begin to go wrong and more attention must be paid to the demands and limits of concrete reality; or the individual falls into the grip of a depressive or apathetic mood. Compromises must be made while still retaining the integrity of the original vision.

3. Crowning card(What is on the surface) - Eight of Pentacles
Eight of Pentacles - Augurs a period when the individual plays the role of the hard-working apprentice who is struggling to acquire a new skill. This card can suggest a talent which the individual has recently discovered and which is worthy of developement and effort, or it can imply that a hobby could be developed into a profession. The individual may experience great enthusiasm and interest in some new fiel of work which requires them to become a hard-working trainee, often at a time of life when one 'ought' to be firmly established.

4. Base of the Matter(whats behind the surface) - Queen of Wands
Queen of Wands - It is time for the individual to begin to develop these qualities of warmth, constancy, loyalty and creative sustaining of a vision which Penelope so aptly symbolizes.

5. Past Influences(situation passing out of the seeker's life) - Death
Death - Death implies that something must come to an end. Whether or not this experience is painful depends upon the person's capacity to accept and recognize the necessity of endings. The card of death can augur an opportunity for a new life, if one can let go of the old one. Thus the fool enter the underworld, leaving behind him his previous life, to prepare for an unknown future.

6. Forthcoming Influences(situation passing into seekers life) - Two of Pentacles
Two of Pentacles - Heralds a time when money and energy are likely to be available for new projects that might lead to a rewarding futur; but the individual must be willing to put his resources to work, taking risks and using capital, rather than hoarding and saving at a time when new opportunities arise.

7. Where One Finds Oneself - Strength
Strength - Implies a situation where a collision with the lion within is inevitable, and where a creative handling of one's own rage and senseless pride is desirable. Courage, strength and self-discipline are necessary to battle with the situation. Through such an experience we can come in contact with the beast, but also with that part of us which is Heracles, the hero who can subdue it. Thus the fool, having developed the faculties of mind and feeling, now learns to deal with his own ferocious egotism, emergin from this contest with trust in himself and integrity toward others.

8. Views of Others - Nine of Pentacles
Nine of Pentacles - PEriod where one may be justifiably pleased with oneself and with what one has been able to achieve. There is often a strong sense of solid identity, a feeling of one's unique abilities and the worth of one's life. This is not inflated, but based on a realistic appreciation of one's skills. This card reflects the solitary and self sufficient enjoyment of good things, which does not depends upon anyone else's agreement or validation to provide pleasure and deep satisfaction.

9. Hopes and Fears - Three of Pentacles
Three of Pentacles - Heralds a time of early success in some material endeavour. A project may earn profits; or a creative venture such as a book may show early success in the market. But as with all the Threes, this is not a final resolution but a stage which will hopefully lead through hard work and difficulty to a more permanant reward.

10. Final Outcome - Ten of Cups
Ten of Cups - Augurs ongoing contentment and permanence in the realm of the heart.

Current Mood: drained
Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
1:22 am
I have an example reading I've done for a friend.

I used a Celtic Cross Spread, 4 death pack.

Significator - Nine Of Cups
Time of pleasure, satisfaction and the fulfilment of a cherished wish. Rewards for efforts made, validation of ones commitment.

Crossing - Ace of Cups
Outpouring of feeling. It is often raw, vital and/or overwhelming. Potential is implied for the beginning of a relationship, however, not yet manifested. Individual is ready to embark on the journey of love.

Crowning - Eight of Cups
Implies necessity of giving something up. Often there is depression. The future cannot be manipulated. We go empty handed.

Base of the Matter - The Emperor
Confrontation with the "father principle" Both in negative and positive forms (One or the other if reading inversely) We are challenged to make something manifest, to build something in the world. Ethics morality, ect.

Past Influences - Nine of Swords
Period of great anxiety and forboding about the future. It is important to examine where guilt about the past mihgt lie behind fears, rather than being enslaved by them.

Forthcoming Influences - Ace of Pentacles
Possibility of material achievement. Money can be made available.

Where One Finds Oneself - Five of Wands
Time of strugglewhere the individual must battle with material reality to achieve a goal. Things may begin to go wrong and more attention must be paid to the demands and limitis of concrete reality.

Views of Others - King of Swords
It is time to meet within oneself the ambivalent gift of intellectual leadership and strategy. Take a stand.

Hopes and Fears - Ten of Swords
The final ending of a difficult situation. The ending may be painful, but at last the situation is faced truthfully, and a new future with fewer conflicts can begin.

Final Outcome - The Moon
Period of confusion, fluctuation and uncertainty. Time before the rebirth of oneself.


On a personal note I found this reading vastly interesting because there was alot of correspondences. For instance Three cards are suit of cups and three are suit of swords. And after doing some research with corresponding numbers I've come to the conclusion I need to do more research :)

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, July 24th, 2005
4:26 am
I have decided to start with the basics.
My favourite spread for a complete look on a situation is called the Celtic cross it consists of ten positions.

First position
Significator - Reflects the situation inner and outer where the person finds thierselves at the present time.

Second position
Crossing Card - Describes the situation inner and outer, which is causing conflict and obstruction at the present time. It shows the apparent nature of the problem.

Third position
Crowning Card - Describes the atmosphere and situation which hang over the person at the present. Reflects what is apparent and on the surface in the persons life.

Fourth position
Base of the Matter - Digs deeper behind the crowning card, what is at the root of the problem but not apparent to the person however needs to be brought into awareness.

Fifth position
Past Influences - Describes the inner and outer situation which is now passing out of the seeker's life. It had been important in the past. The person needs to be able to let go of whatever this card represents.

Sixth position
Forthcoming Influences - Describes the inner and outer situation which is about to manifest in the seeker's life. This is not long term, just a view at what's in motion.

Seventh position
Where One Finds Oneself - Describes the attitude or inner state of affairs in which the seeker will soon find themselves. Somtimes will represent what needs to be developed and/or what is likely to happen.

Eighth position
Views of Others - describes the image which those around us hold of our situation and ourselves. What kind of responses we may get from those close to us.

Ninth position
Hopes and Fears - These are both described by one card because are hopes are closely related to our fears and all cards in the tarot deck have a double face.

Tenth position
Final Outcome - However the outcome is anything but final. Everytime we end a journey we opening a door to a new one. We start as the fool and end as the world, only to become the fool again.

It's a very nice detailed spread.
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